January 2008
1408 (Special Edition)Suspense/Thriller30 Jan 08
Journey to the End of the Night (The Special 2 Disc Edition)Drama30 Jan 08
Knight Rider: Seizoen TweeAction30 Jan 08
Eight BelowUncategorized26 Jan 08
Fantastic 4 - Rise of the Silver SurferUncategorized26 Jan 08
The Red Shoes (Widescreen Edition)Horror26 Jan 08
Resident Evil: ExtinctionUncategorized26 Jan 08
24: Season SixAction18 Jan 08
Knight Rider: Eerste SeizoenAction09 Jan 08
Unknown (Special Two - Disc Edition)Suspense/Thriller09 Jan 08
December 2007
Heroes: Seizoen 1Television08 Dec 07
Serenity (2-Disc Special Edition)Science-Fiction08 Dec 07
Augustin, King of Kung-FuRomance03 Dec 07
Batman & RobinAction03 Dec 07
Iron MonkeyAction03 Dec 07
J.R.R. Tolkien: Origins of the RingsDocumentary03 Dec 07
The MatrixScience-Fiction03 Dec 07
Reservoir DogsAction03 Dec 07
Space JamAnimation03 Dec 07
Rome: De Complete Serie 2Drama02 Dec 07
November 2007
Antarctica (DTS)Adventure17 Nov 07
Die Hard 4.0 (2- Disc Special Edition)Action17 Nov 07
Into The MirrorHorror17 Nov 07
October 2007
The Full Monty (2-Disc Special Edition)Comedy26 Oct 07
Philadelphia (2 Disc Deluxe Selection)Drama26 Oct 07
Prison Break: Season 2Television26 Oct 07
Stargate Atlantis: Seizoen 3Science-Fiction26 Oct 07
De Prins van EgypteAnimation22 Oct 07
Immortals (The Limited Special Edition)Action11 Oct 07
The Running Man (Special Edition)Action11 Oct 07
September 2007
Crash (2 Disc Special Edition)Drama22 Sep 07
Flyboys (Special 2-Disc Edition)War22 Sep 07
Midnight Cowboy (Collector's Edition)Drama22 Sep 07
Punch-Drunk Love (2 Disc Deluxe Selection)Drama22 Sep 07
Rocky BalboaUncategorized22 Sep 07
August 2007
Blade Runner (Limited Edition Gift Set)Science-Fiction28 Aug 07
The Aviator (3-Disc Limited Edition)Drama24 Aug 07
Chinatown (Widescreen Collection)Drama24 Aug 07
The Departed (Two Disc Edition)Drama24 Aug 07
The New Legend of ShaolinAction24 Aug 07
Firefly: The Complete Series (Special Edition)Science-Fiction23 Aug 07
July 2007
Pan's Labyrinth (New Line 2-Disc Platinum Series)Drama15 Jul 07
The Good Shepherd (The Special 2 Disc Edition)Suspense/Thriller13 Jul 07
Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds - Live on Stage!Musical13 Jul 07
The Mission (2 Disc Special Edition: DTS)Drama13 Jul 07
Robin of Sherwood: Seizoen 1Action13 Jul 07
Robin of Sherwood: Seizoen 2Action13 Jul 07
Robin of Sherwood: Seizoen 3Action13 Jul 07
Walk the Line (2-Disc DVD Special Edition)Drama13 Jul 07
Zwartboek (2-Disc Special Edition)War13 Jul 07
June 2007
American Beauty (The Awards Edition)Drama29 Jun 07
Apocalypse Now (The Complete Dossier)War29 Jun 07
It's a Wonderful Life (60th Anniversary Edition)Family29 Jun 07
Sunset Boulevard (Special Collector's Edition)Drama29 Jun 07
May 2007
Apollo 13 (Special Edition)Adventure30 May 07
La Haine (Special Edition)Action30 May 07
Lady in the WaterFantasy30 May 07
Psycho (Special Edition)Horror30 May 07
Tom and Jerry CollectionAnimation30 May 07
Genesis: The Video ShowMusic19 May 07
April 2007
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of KazakhstanComedy16 Apr 07
Twin Peaks: The Second SeasonTelevision16 Apr 07
Chariots of Fire (Special Edition)Drama10 Apr 07
The Merchant of Venice (Special 2 Disc Collector's Edition)Drama10 Apr 07
Monty Python and the Holy Grail (2 Disc Deluxe Selection)Adventure10 Apr 07
Casino RoyaleAction05 Apr 07
March 2007
The Black Dahlia (The Special 2-Disc Edition)Drama23 Mar 07
Merlin II (Mini-serie)Fantasy23 Mar 07
Perfect Creature (Special 2 Disc Edition)Horror23 Mar 07
Vertigo (The Hitchcock Collection)Suspense/Thriller23 Mar 07
Donnie Darko (Collector's Edition)Fantasy21 Mar 07
Drama03 Mar 07
Monster (Special 2 Disc Collector's Edition)Drama03 Mar 07
February 2007
Alias: Het Complete Vijfde SeizoenTelevision27 Feb 07
Backdraft (2-Disc Anniversary Edition)Action22 Feb 07
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (40th Anniversary Special Edition)Comedy22 Feb 07
12 Angry MenDrama19 Feb 07
Big Momma's House 2Action19 Feb 07
City of GodAction19 Feb 07
Final Destination 3Horror19 Feb 07
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Special Edition)Action19 Feb 07
GoodFellas (2-Disc Special Edition)Drama19 Feb 07
The Guns of Navarone (2 Disc Deluxe Selection)Action19 Feb 07
House of Flying Daggers (Two Discs)Drama19 Feb 07
Lucky Number Slevin (Special Edition)Action19 Feb 07
Rear WindowSuspense/Thriller19 Feb 07
Seven Samurai (The Criterion Collection)Action19 Feb 07
January 2007
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2-Disc Special Edition)Adventure23 Jan 07
Riverdance - Live New York CityMusical23 Jan 07
Vertical Limit (Collector's Edition)Suspense/Thriller23 Jan 07
Prison Break: Season OneTelevision11 Jan 07
The Crimson Rivers (2 Disc Deluxe Selection)Drama04 Jan 07
December 2006
The Game (Special Edition)Suspense/Thriller27 Dec 06
Predator (Special Edition Collection)Action27 Dec 06
Rocky Anthology (Ultimate Edition)Drama27 Dec 06
Starsky & Hutch: The Complete Fourth SeasonTelevision27 Dec 06
The Da Vinci Code (Limited Edition)Suspense/Thriller22 Dec 06
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2-Disc Limited Edition)Animation21 Dec 06
Lost: Het Complete Eerste SeizoenTelevision21 Dec 06
Lost: Het Complete Tweede SeizoenTelevision21 Dec 06
Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Second SeasonScience-Fiction19 Dec 06
X-Men 3: The Last Stand (Special Edition)Action19 Dec 06
Alien vs. Predator (2-Disc Special Edition)Action07 Dec 06
Analyze this/Analyze thatComedy07 Dec 06
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 4 DVD CollectionHorror07 Dec 06
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 5Television07 Dec 06
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 6Television07 Dec 06
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 7Action07 Dec 06
November 2006
Stargate SG-1: The Complete Ninth SeasonAction24 Nov 06
24: Season FiveAction22 Nov 06
The 4400: The Complete First SeasonDrama22 Nov 06
The 4400: The Second SeasonScience-Fiction22 Nov 06
M:I:III (2-Disc Collector's Edition)Action22 Nov 06
Titanic (Special Edition)Drama22 Nov 06
Tristan & Isolde (Special 2 Disc Edition)Action22 Nov 06
October 2006
Rome: De Complete Serie 1Drama17 Oct 06
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2-Disc Special Edition)Animation13 Oct 06
September 2006
Angel - De complete DVD collectie (Collector's Edition)Horror29 Sep 06
Batman: The Special Editions CollectionAction29 Sep 06
Vanity Fair (Spotlight Series)Drama15 Sep 06
16 Blocks (Special 2 Disc Edition)Action14 Sep 06
The Family StoneComedy14 Sep 06
The Legend of ZorroAdventure14 Sep 06
Red EyeSuspense/Thriller14 Sep 06
The Whole Ten YardsAction14 Sep 06
July 2006
The Name of the Rose (2-Disc Special Edition)Drama29 Jul 06
Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.0Science-Fiction27 Jul 06
Finding NeverlandDrama27 Jul 06
Fun with Dick and JaneComedy27 Jul 06
King Kong (2-Disc Special Edition)Action27 Jul 06
King Kong: Peter Jackson's Production Diaries (2-Disc Collector's Edition)Documentary27 Jul 06
Mr. Deeds (Widescreen Special Edition)Comedy27 Jul 06
The Truman Show (Collector's Edition)Drama27 Jul 06
V for Vendetta (Two-Disc Deluxe Edition)Action27 Jul 06
Ally McBeal: The Complete DVD Collection (Limited Edition)Comedy20 Jul 06
Pink Floyd: PulseMusic15 Jul 06
Get Shorty (Special Edition)Comedy03 Jul 06
Ladder 49Action02 Jul 06
Millennium: Het Volledige Derde SeizoenTelevision02 Jul 06
Stargate Atlantis: Season OneTelevision02 Jul 06
June 2006
Bulletproof MonkAction09 Jun 06
Casino (2 Disc Special Edition)Drama09 Jun 06
Mr. & Mrs. SmithAction09 Jun 06
Two for the Money (Special 2 Disc Edition)Suspense/Thriller07 Jun 06
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Three (Collector's Edition)Horror03 Jun 06
Lord of War (Special 2 Disc Edition)Action03 Jun 06
Fantastic 4 (Deluxe edition)Science-Fiction01 Jun 06
Heat (2-Disc Special Edition)Action01 Jun 06
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Special Edition)Action01 Jun 06
May 2006
SaharaAction29 May 06
Elektra (Director's Cut)Action28 May 06
Amelie (Special Edition)Comedy20 May 06
Action20 May 06
April 2006
Constantine (Special Edition)Suspense/Thriller21 Apr 06
Ocean's Twelve (2-Disc Special Edition)Adventure21 Apr 06
The Sopranos: De Complete Serie 5Television21 Apr 06
Roswell: The Complete DVD CollectionTelevision20 Apr 06
Hostage (DTS)Action19 Apr 06
March 2006
The Muppet Christmas Carol (50th Anniversary Edition)Family21 Mar 06
U2: Vertigo 2005 - Live From Chicago (Deluxe Limited Edition)Music21 Mar 06
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Two-Disc Special Edition)Action05 Mar 06
February 2006
Bridget's DiariesComedy11 Feb 06
Collateral (Two-Disc Special Edition)Action11 Feb 06
Earthsea (Mini-serie)Action11 Feb 06
The InterpreterAction11 Feb 06
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (2 Disc Special Edition)Action11 Feb 06
January 2006
Alias: Het Complete Vierde SeizoenTelevision18 Jan 06
Big Momma's HouseComedy10 Jan 06
BrazilComedy10 Jan 06
Miller's Crossing (Collector's Edition)Drama10 Jan 06
The VillageDrama10 Jan 06
Scarface (2 Disc Special Edition)Action06 Jan 06
Species (Special Edition)Science-Fiction06 Jan 06
Starsky & Hutch: The Complete Third SeasonAction06 Jan 06
The Terminal (2 Discs Special Edition)Drama06 Jan 06
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Special Edition: Two-Disc Set)Action06 Jan 06
December 2005
The Cable GuyComedy25 Dec 05
Alias: Het Complete Eerste SeizoenTelevision23 Dec 05
Alias: Het Complete Tweede SeizoenTelevision23 Dec 05
Alias: Het Complete Derde SeizoenTelevision23 Dec 05
Alexander: Director's Cut (2-Disc Widescreen Special Edition)Action20 Dec 05
Kingdom of HeavenDrama20 Dec 05
Secret WindowSuspense/Thriller18 Dec 05
Sjakie en de Chocoladefabriek (2-Disc Special Edition)Comedy18 Dec 05
Empire of the SunDrama13 Dec 05
Big FishFantasy12 Dec 05
IdentitySuspense/Thriller12 Dec 05
The Net (Collector's Edition)Suspense/Thriller12 Dec 05
Genesis: the way we walk - live in concertMusic11 Dec 05
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindDrama09 Dec 05
Exorcist: The Beginning (The Special 2-Disc Edition)Horror09 Dec 05
Lost in Translation (Volkskrant Filmfestival: 2 Disc)Comedy09 Dec 05
Der Untergang (3-Disc Special Extended Edition)Drama09 Dec 05
War of the Worlds (2-Disc Special Edition)Science-Fiction09 Dec 05
Star Trek - The Movies I-X (Special Collector's Edition)Science-Fiction04 Dec 05
November 2005
Sliders: The First and Second Seasons (Dual-Dimension Edition)Science-Fiction25 Nov 05
Feestje!Comedy17 Nov 05
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith (Widescreen)Science-Fiction14 Nov 05
Batman Begins (2-Disc Special Edition)Action02 Nov 05
GettysburgWar02 Nov 05
October 2005
Along Came PollyComedy31 Oct 05
Intolerable CrueltyComedy21 Oct 05
Stargate SG-1: Season 8Science-Fiction02 Oct 05
September 2005
24: Season FourTelevision26 Sep 05
August 2005
Dante's Peak (Special Edition)Action27 Aug 05
Ed Wood (Special Edition)Comedy27 Aug 05
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (A Very Unfortunate 2-Disc Set)Comedy26 Aug 05
Antwone FisherDrama21 Aug 05
DodgeBallComedy21 Aug 05
High CrimesSuspense/Thriller21 Aug 05
Man on FireAction21 Aug 05
SolarisScience-Fiction21 Aug 05
28 Days Later (Special Edition)Horror17 Aug 05
June 2005
Cirque du Soleil: Alegria, Quidam, Saltimbanco, DralionUncategorized04 Jun 05
Harrie Jekkers: Het geheim van de Lachende PicoloComedy04 Jun 05
MindhuntersSuspense/Thriller04 Jun 05
May 2005
Cirque du Soleil - SolstromMusical27 May 05
Con Air (Special Edition)Action03 May 05
Crimson Tide (Special Edition)Suspense/Thriller03 May 05
Finding Nemo (2-Disc Speciale Uitvoering)Animation03 May 05
HidalgoAction03 May 05
The Incredibles (2-Disc Speciale Uitvoering)Animation03 May 05
National TreasureAdventure03 May 05
Around the World in 80 DaysAction01 May 05
April 2005
Casablanca (Two-Disc Special Edition)Drama27 Apr 05
The Chronicles of RiddickScience-Fiction20 Apr 05
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest (2-Disc Special Edition)Drama20 Apr 05
S.W.A.T.Action20 Apr 05
Trainspotting (The Definitive Edition)Drama20 Apr 05
Citizen Kane (Special Edition)Drama19 Apr 05
THX 1138 (The George Lucas Director's Cut)Science-Fiction19 Apr 05
Troy (2 Disc Widescreen Edition)Action19 Apr 05
Blade: TrinityAdventure12 Apr 05
DrivenAction09 Apr 05
ExperimentDrama09 Apr 05
Liar Liar (Special Edition)Comedy09 Apr 05
Vanilla Sky (Widescreen Collection)Drama09 Apr 05
Battlestar Galactica: Season OneScience-Fiction08 Apr 05
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Complete Second SeasonDrama05 Apr 05
Top Gun (Widescreen Special Collector's Edition)Action05 Apr 05
The X Files: The Complete Ninth SeasonScience-Fiction05 Apr 05
February 2005
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season One (Collector's Edition)Television28 Feb 05
JFK (Special Edition Director's Cut)Drama28 Feb 05
K-PAXScience-Fiction28 Feb 05
Love ActuallyComedy28 Feb 05
Spy GameSuspense/Thriller28 Feb 05
The Bourne SupremacyAction07 Feb 05
Cutthroat IslandAction07 Feb 05
January 2005
Billy Joel - The Ultimate CollectionMusic14 Jan 05
December 2004
King Arthur (Director's Cut)Action23 Dec 04
Spider Man 2 (Collector's dvd Gift Set)Action23 Dec 04
Herman Finkers: Carnaval der Dieren & Sint Joris MisComedy21 Dec 04
Herman Finkers: Dat Heeft Zo'n Jongen Toch Niet NodigComedy21 Dec 04
Herman Finkers: De zon gaat zinloos onder morgen moet zComedy21 Dec 04
Herman Finkers: EHBO is Mijn Lust en Mijn LevenComedy21 Dec 04
Herman Finkers: Geen Spatader VeranderdComedy21 Dec 04
Herman Finkers: Het Meisje van de SlijterijComedy21 Dec 04
Phil Collins Finally...The First Farewell TourMusic21 Dec 04
The Killing Fields (2 Disc Special Edition)Drama16 Dec 04
Liever VerliefdComedy13 Dec 04
I, Robot (2 Disc Special Edition)Science-Fiction09 Dec 04
The Sopranos: De Complete Serie 1-4Suspense/Thriller09 Dec 04
Rail Away 01Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 02Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 03Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 04Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 05Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 06Special Interest08 Dec 04
Rail Away 7Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 8Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 9Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 10Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 11Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 12Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 13Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 14Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 15Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 16Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 17Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 18Special Interest08 Dec 04
Rail Away 19Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 20Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 21Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 22Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 23Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 24Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 25Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 26Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 27Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 28Documentary08 Dec 04
Rail Away 29Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 30Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 31Uncategorized08 Dec 04
Rail Away 32Uncategorized08 Dec 04
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Collector's DVD Gift Set)Fantasy02 Dec 04
Millennium: Het Volledige Tweede SeizoenTelevision02 Dec 04
Starsky & Hutch: The Complete Second SeasonTelevision02 Dec 04
November 2004
Tender Loving CareSuspense/Thriller30 Nov 04
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanFantasy24 Nov 04
El Mariachi/Desperado/Once Upon A Time In MexicoAction16 Nov 04
Starship Troopers & Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (2 DVD Boxset)Science-Fiction16 Nov 04
24: Season ThreeAction12 Nov 04
About a BoyComedy12 Nov 04
Hulk (Limited Edition Box Set)Action04 Nov 04
The Seventh Scroll (Mini-serie)Action04 Nov 04
Shouf Shouf Habibi! (DTS)Comedy04 Nov 04
PaycheckAction03 Nov 04
Pirates: The Caribbean's Most Ruthless Battle (Mini-serie)Adventure03 Nov 04
Starsky & HutchAction03 Nov 04
October 2004
Van Helsing (The Ultimate Collector's Edition)Action30 Oct 04
The Italian Job Collection (Collector's Edition)Action22 Oct 04
Kill Bill: Volume 1 + 2 (4-Disc Edition)Action22 Oct 04
The Butterfly Effect (Infinifilm)Suspense/Thriller13 Oct 04
The Day After Tomorrow (Two-Disc Special Edition)Action07 Oct 04
I SpyAdventure07 Oct 04
Starsky & Hutch: The Complete First SeasonAction07 Oct 04
September 2004
Star Wars TrilogyAdventure16 Sep 04
Stargate SG-1: Season 7Science-Fiction16 Sep 04
The 10th KingdomFantasy13 Sep 04
Adaptation.Comedy13 Sep 04
Bean: The Ultimate Disaster MovieComedy13 Sep 04
Blackadder 4Comedy13 Sep 04
De Graaf van Monte Cristo (Mini-serie)Drama13 Sep 04
DreamcatcherHorror13 Sep 04
KaliforniaSuspense/Thriller13 Sep 04
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Extended Version: 2-Disc Special Edition)Adventure13 Sep 04
Stephen King's Rose RedHorror13 Sep 04
Battlestar GalacticaScience-Fiction04 Sep 04
24: Season OneAction01 Sep 04
24: Season TwoAction01 Sep 04
August 2004
Amadeus (Director's Cut: Limited Edition)Drama24 Aug 04
Bedazzled (Special Edition)Comedy24 Aug 04
The Color Purple (2-Disc Special Edition)Drama24 Aug 04
Ice AgeAnimation24 Aug 04
Men Of HonorDrama24 Aug 04
The TuxedoComedy24 Aug 04
Captain Corelli's MandolinDrama08 Aug 04
July 2004
Millennium: The Complete First SeasonTelevision25 Jul 04
The Mothman Prophecies (Special Edition)Suspense/Thriller23 Jul 04
Hellboy (2-Disc Special Edition)Adventure22 Jul 04
The Hitcher (Special Edition)Action18 Jul 04
Underworld (2 Disc Set)Action18 Jul 04
The AnimatrixScience-Fiction02 Jul 04
Charlie's Angels: Full ThrottleAction02 Jul 04
The Count of Monte CristoDrama02 Jul 04
Face/Off (Special Edition)Action02 Jul 04
Ghost ShipAdventure02 Jul 04
InsomniaSuspense/Thriller02 Jul 04
Stargate SG-1: Season 6Science-Fiction02 Jul 04
June 2004
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (Special Edition)Adventure27 Jun 04
Stephen King's The Stand (Special Edition)Horror27 Jun 04
RoninAction12 Jun 04
Bruce AlmightyComedy05 Jun 04
Me, Myself & IreneComedy05 Jun 04
One Hour PhotoSuspense/Thriller05 Jun 04
Scream: The Collectors BoxHorror05 Jun 04
X-Men 2 (2-Disc Special Edition)Action05 Jun 04
May 2004
Get CarterAction02 May 04
Superman (Limited Edition)Fantasy02 May 04
UprisingWar02 May 04
April 2004
2 Fast 2 FuriousAction27 Apr 04
The Complete Thin Blue LineComedy27 Apr 04
Stargate SG-1: Season 5Science-Fiction27 Apr 04
BasicSuspense/Thriller08 Apr 04
Fight Club (Collector's Edition)Drama08 Apr 04
The Last SamuraiAction08 Apr 04
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2-Disc Special Edition)Action08 Apr 04
Legend (Ultimate Edition)Fantasy04 Apr 04
The Matrix RevolutionsAction04 Apr 04
Once Upon a Time in the West (Special Collector's Edition)Drama04 Apr 04
Rain Man (Special Edition)Drama04 Apr 04
Stargate SG-1: Season 4Television04 Apr 04
March 2004
Don't Say a WordAction15 Mar 04
Rat RaceComedy15 Mar 04
Schindler's List (Collector's Gift Set)Drama10 Mar 04
February 2004
Stargate SG-1: Season 3Science-Fiction22 Feb 04
TakenDrama19 Feb 04
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life (Special Collector's Edition)Action18 Feb 04
Miss CongenialityAction12 Feb 04
North by NorthwestAdventure12 Feb 04
The Perfect StormDrama12 Feb 04
January 2004
Bad Boys IIAction15 Jan 04
Catch Me If You Can (2 Disc Special Edition)Adventure15 Jan 04
Jackie Brown (2 Disc Collector's Edition)Action15 Jan 04
K-19: The WidowmakerDrama15 Jan 04
L.A. Confidential (Special Edition)Drama15 Jan 04
MementoSuspense/Thriller15 Jan 04
Misery (Special Edition)Suspense/Thriller15 Jan 04
Phone BoothSuspense/Thriller15 Jan 04
Buffy the Vampire SlayerHorror14 Jan 04
Stargate SG-1: Season 2Science-Fiction14 Jan 04
Who Am I?Action13 Jan 04
Shanghai KnightsAction03 Jan 04
December 2003
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition)Adventure30 Dec 03
Johnny EnglishFamily28 Dec 03
Battlestar Galactica (Limited Edition)Science-Fiction24 Dec 03
Stargate SG-1: Season 1Science-Fiction24 Dec 03
The Sea ChangeUncategorized20 Dec 03
Rowan Atkinson: Live!Comedy08 Dec 03
Finding ForresterDrama07 Dec 03
GandhiDrama07 Dec 03
November 2003
The Bourne IdentityAction29 Nov 03
Planet of the Apes (Special Edition)Science-Fiction29 Nov 03
The Fifth Element (2 Disc Special Edition)Science-Fiction22 Nov 03
The Others (2 Disc Collector's Edition)Suspense/Thriller22 Nov 03
Hot New DVD PreviewsSpecial Interest21 Nov 03
The Pianist (2-Disc Collector's Edition)War19 Nov 03
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Collector's DVD Gift Set)Action15 Nov 03
Terminator 3 : Rise of the MachinesAction13 Nov 03
October 2003
James Cameron's Dark Angel: The Complete Second SeasonScience-Fiction26 Oct 03
The X-Files: The Complete Eighth Season (Collector's Edition)Television26 Oct 03
Final Destination 1 & 2Horror25 Oct 03
Daredevil (Two-Disc Special Edition)Action16 Oct 03
Gangs Of New York (Special Edition)Drama16 Oct 03
The Matrix ReloadedScience-Fiction11 Oct 03
The Adventures of Indiana Jones (The Complete DVD Movie Collection)Action10 Oct 03
Black Hawk Down (Spectacular Double Disc Set)Action09 Oct 03
Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonDrama09 Oct 03
Ocean's ElevenAction09 Oct 03
Office SpaceComedy09 Oct 03
The Shawshank RedemptionDrama09 Oct 03
September 2003
Stargate (Ultimate Edition: Director's Cut)Science-Fiction07 Sep 03
Changing Lanes (Widescreen Collection)Suspense/Thriller05 Sep 03
The Body (Collector's Edition)Drama02 Sep 03
August 2003
Bad Company / Enemy of the StateAction31 Aug 03
The Rock (2-Disc Deluxe Edition)Action30 Aug 03
Man on the MoonComedy27 Aug 03
Unforgiven (Two-Disc Special Edition)Western24 Aug 03
Reservoir Dogs (Collector's Edition)Suspense/Thriller23 Aug 03
Twister (Special Edition)Action23 Aug 03
LabyrinthFamily18 Aug 03
Sphere (Special Edition)Science-Fiction18 Aug 03
Taxi DriverDrama18 Aug 03
True CrimeSuspense/Thriller18 Aug 03
Das Boot (The Director's Cut)Action06 Aug 03
July 2003
AliDrama18 Jul 03
eXistenZScience-Fiction18 Jul 03
Lara Croft Tomb Raider (Special Collector's Edition)Action18 Jul 03
Red Dragon (Director's Edition)Horror18 Jul 03
The Sum of all Fears (Special Collector's Edition)Action18 Jul 03
Signs (Collector's Edition)Drama15 Jul 03
Arlington RoadAction05 Jul 03
Magnolia (2 Disk Set)Drama05 Jul 03
Tron (2 Disc Collector's Edition)Science-Fiction05 Jul 03
June 2003
xXxAction29 Jun 03
Charlie's AngelsAction20 Jun 03
Fawlty Towers: Series 1 & 2Comedy05 Jun 03
Die Another Day (Special Edition)Action04 Jun 03
Spider-Man (Deluxe Collector's Pack)Action01 Jun 03
May 2003
James Cameron's Dark Angel: The Complete First SeasonTelevision19 May 03
The X-Files: The Complete Seventh Season (Collector's Edition)Television04 May 03
Pulp Fiction (2 Disc Collector's Edition)Suspense/Thriller01 May 03
April 2003
Band of BrothersWar10 Apr 03
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Widescreen Edition)Fantasy10 Apr 03
March 2003
Road to PerditionDrama18 Mar 03
The Usual Suspects (Special Edition)Suspense/Thriller18 Mar 03
Stephen King's The Shining (Two - Disc Special Edition)Horror14 Mar 03
Mr. Bean (10 Year Anniversary Boxset)Comedy01 Mar 03
February 2003
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Special Edition)Comedy22 Feb 03
Dungeons & Dragons (Special Edition)Fantasy18 Feb 03
Minority Report (2-Disc Set)Action02 Feb 03
January 2003
Ali G: IndahouseComedy29 Jan 03
Brotherhood of the Wolf (3 Disc Collectors' Edition)Action26 Jan 03
Resident Evil (Special Edition)Action13 Jan 03
December 2002
Men in Black II (Collector's Edition)Comedy12 Dec 02
SwordfishSuspense/Thriller11 Dec 02
November 2002
Conan Collection (Special Edition)Fantasy26 Nov 02
The Complete Walking With... Collection (Gift Set)Documentary16 Nov 02
The James Bond Collection (Special Edition)Action12 Nov 02
The Scorpion King: DVD + CD Soundtrack (Limited Edition 2 Discs)Action09 Nov 02
Blue StreakAction03 Nov 02
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Collector's DVD Gift Set)Fantasy03 Nov 02
October 2002
Collateral DamageAction30 Oct 02
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (2-Disc Special Edition)Family28 Oct 02
Galaxy QuestComedy28 Oct 02
Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones (Widescreen)Science-Fiction28 Oct 02
The X-Files: The Complete Sixth Season (Collector's Edition)Television28 Oct 02
DVD Highlights Best of 2002Special Interest04 Oct 02
Toy Story 2Animation01 Oct 02
September 2002
See No Evil, Hear No EvilComedy27 Sep 02
U-571Action27 Sep 02
The PostmanAction23 Sep 02
Erin BrockovichDrama15 Sep 02
Dead Poets SocietyDrama08 Sep 02
Blade II (New Line Platinum Series)Action07 Sep 02
August 2002
The Long Kiss GoodnightAction30 Aug 02
Black KnightComedy24 Aug 02
Edward Scissorhands (10th Anniversary Edition)Drama24 Aug 02
From Hell (Directors' Limited Edition)Suspense/Thriller24 Aug 02
Joy Ride (Special Edition)Horror24 Aug 02
A Knight's Tale (Collector's Edition)Adventure24 Aug 02
Planet of the Apes (2 - Disc Special Edition)Science-Fiction24 Aug 02
Back to the Future (Trilogy Boxset)Science-Fiction20 Aug 02
V: The Final BattleTelevision15 Aug 02
The Fast and the Furious (Widescreen)Action05 Aug 02
Training DayDrama02 Aug 02
July 2002
Pay It ForwardDrama30 Jul 02
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Collector's Edition)Science-Fiction25 Jul 02
Beverly Hills Cop (Special Collector's Edition)Action23 Jul 02
Beverly Hills Cop IIAction23 Jul 02
Beverly Hills Cop IIIAction23 Jul 02
A.I. Artificial IntelligenceScience-Fiction22 Jul 02
The MaskComedy17 Jul 02
12 Monkeys (Collector's Edition)Science-Fiction09 Jul 02
June 2002
A Beautiful Mind (The Two-Disc Awards Edition)Drama25 Jun 02
Pearl Harbor (Director's Cut)Action20 Jun 02
Cast Away (Special Edition)Drama12 Jun 02
Mystery MenAction12 Jun 02
Se7en (2 Disc Set)Suspense/Thriller12 Jun 02
The Thomas Crown AffairRomance12 Jun 02
Traffic (The Criterion Collection)Drama07 Jun 02
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Special Widescreen Edition)Fantasy06 Jun 02
Thelma & Louise (Special Edition)Action06 Jun 02
May 2002
A League of Their OwnComedy07 May 02
April 2002
The Mask of Zorro (Widescreen Presentation)Action24 Apr 02
Jurassic Park TrilogyAdventure15 Apr 02
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Deluxe Two Disc Set)Fantasy10 Apr 02
Dances With WolvesAdventure07 Apr 02
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With MeDrama02 Apr 02
March 2002
The X-Files: The Complete Fifth Season (Collector's Edition)Television30 Mar 02
PaybackAction29 Mar 02
RansomAction29 Mar 02
V: The Original MiniseriesScience-Fiction29 Mar 02
Gladiator (Widescreen Spectacular 2 Disc DVD)Drama14 Mar 02
De 9 dagen van de gierDrama12 Mar 02
February 2002
The Blues Brothers/Blues Brothers 2000 (2 Disc Double Feature)Action20 Feb 02
The Jackal (Collector's Edition Widescreen)Suspense/Thriller20 Feb 02
The Bridge on the River Kwai (Limited 2 Disc's Edition)War14 Feb 02
SnatchComedy14 Feb 02
The Craft (Collector's Edition)Horror13 Feb 02
January 2002
Shakespeare in LoveRomance28 Jan 02
Rush Hour 2 (Special Edition)Action22 Jan 02
Forrest Gump (Special Collector's Edition)Drama19 Jan 02
Rush Hour (New Line Platinum Series)Action16 Jan 02
Lawrence of ArabiaAdventure15 Jan 02
Twin PeaksDrama15 Jan 02
BarakaSpecial Interest07 Jan 02
December 2001
Legends Of The Fall (Collector's Edition)Drama23 Dec 01
Pitch BlackHorror23 Dec 01
Sleepless in Seattle (Collector's Edition)Comedy23 Dec 01
Twin Peaks: The First Season (Special Edition)Drama19 Dec 01
1492: Conquest of ParadiseAdventure15 Dec 01
Ben-Hur (Classic Gold Collection)Action15 Dec 01
DuneScience-Fiction15 Dec 01
The Matrix & The Matrix Revisited (Limited Edition)Science-Fiction15 Dec 01
Mrs. DoubtfireComedy15 Dec 01
The Whole Nine YardsComedy15 Dec 01
Willow (Special Edition)Fantasy13 Dec 01
November 2001
The Abyss (Special Edition)Action10 Nov 01
Chariots Of FireDrama10 Nov 01
Proof of LifeAction09 Nov 01
What Lies BeneathSuspense/Thriller09 Nov 01
The X-Files: The Complete Fourth Season (Collector's Edition)Television09 Nov 01
The Mummy (Deluxe Edition)Adventure05 Nov 01
Blackadder 1Comedy01 Nov 01
Blackadder 2Comedy01 Nov 01
Blackadder 3Comedy01 Nov 01
Speed 1 & 2Action01 Nov 01
October 2001
BladeAction17 Oct 01
FrequencySuspense/Thriller17 Oct 01
Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom MenaceScience-Fiction17 Oct 01
Notting Hill (Ultimate Edition)Comedy16 Oct 01
The Godfather (5-Disc DVD Collection)Drama09 Oct 01
UnbreakableSuspense/Thriller09 Oct 01
Armageddon (Special Edition)Action05 Oct 01
The Exorcist (The Version You've Never Seen)Horror05 Oct 01
September 2001
Air Force One (Special Edition)Action21 Sep 01
Apt PupilDrama21 Sep 01
Universal Soldier: The ReturnAction21 Sep 01
Men in Black (Special Two Disc Limited Edition)Action15 Sep 01
Bad Boys (Collector's Edition)Action11 Sep 01
Gone In 60 SecondsAction11 Sep 01
The Devil's OwnAction07 Sep 01
Die Hard: The Ultimate CollectionAction07 Sep 01
The CellSuspense/Thriller01 Sep 01
Dolores ClaiborneSuspense/Thriller01 Sep 01
HannibalSuspense/Thriller01 Sep 01
The LangoliersScience-Fiction01 Sep 01
August 2001
Dinosaur (2-Disc Collector's Edition)Adventure31 Aug 01
The Silence of the Lambs (Special Edition)Suspense/Thriller07 Aug 01
July 2001
Three Widescreen ThrillersAction31 Jul 01
Shanghai NoonAction17 Jul 01
The Fantasia Anthology (Collector's Edition)Animation13 Jul 01
June 2001
The Thing (Collector's Edition)Horror30 Jun 01
Jakob the LiarDrama21 Jun 01
Jumanji (Collector's Edition)Adventure21 Jun 01
Universal SoldierScience-Fiction11 Jun 01
The 6th DayScience-Fiction10 Jun 01
Chicken Run (Special 2 Disc Edition)Animation10 Jun 01
Mission to MarsScience-Fiction10 Jun 01
May 2001
Close Encounters of the Third KindAdventure31 May 01
Romeo Must DieAction31 May 01
The X-Files: The Complete Third Season (Collector's Edition)Television02 May 01
April 2001
ExcaliburAdventure13 Apr 01
Merlin (Mini-serie)Fantasy13 Apr 01
Sleepy HollowHorror13 Apr 01
The Talented Mr. RipleySuspense/Thriller11 Apr 01
Being John MalkovichComedy04 Apr 01
Joan of ArcDrama04 Apr 01
Three KingsAction04 Apr 01
March 2001
Hollow ManHorror20 Mar 01
X-MenAction20 Mar 01
The Terminator (Special Edition)Science-Fiction05 Mar 01
Total RecallAction05 Mar 01
M:I-2 (Widescreen Collection)Action02 Mar 01
February 2001
EraserAction23 Feb 01
Extreme MeasuresAction23 Feb 01
Michael CollinsDrama23 Feb 01
Tequila SunriseSuspense/Thriller23 Feb 01
January 2001
Tom Cruise BoxComedy10 Jan 01
The PatriotAction10 Jan 01
CopycatSuspense/Thriller06 Jan 01
The NegotiatorAction06 Jan 01
December 2000
Independence Day (Special Edition)Science-Fiction12 Dec 00
You've Got MailComedy12 Dec 00
November 2000
Braveheart (2 Disc Set)Drama24 Nov 00
Mega Collection Box 2Action24 Nov 00
SwitchbackSuspense/Thriller02 Nov 00
October 2000
The Three MusketeersAction31 Oct 00
The Green MileDrama20 Oct 00
Chain ReactionAction06 Oct 00
Entrapment (Special Edition)Action06 Oct 00
Hook (Collector's Edition)Adventure06 Oct 00
The Man in the Iron MaskAction06 Oct 00
Red CornerDrama06 Oct 00
The SiegeAction06 Oct 00
The Scarlet PimpernelAdventure04 Oct 00
September 2000
Saving Private Ryan (Widescreen: Special Limited Edition)War28 Sep 00
The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection (New Line Platinum Series)Horror26 Sep 00
LadyhawkeFantasy25 Sep 00
IMAX: The Living SeaSpecial Interest25 Sep 00
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (The Ultimate Edition DVD)Action25 Sep 00
U.S. Marshals (Special Edition)Action25 Sep 00
August 2000
The X-Files: The Complete Second Season (Collector's Edition)Television28 Aug 00
DragonheartFantasy23 Aug 00
GhostbustersScience-Fiction23 Aug 00
GloryWar23 Aug 00
GodzillaScience-Fiction23 Aug 00
The Bone CollectorSuspense/Thriller10 Aug 00
July 2000
End of DaysHorror20 Jul 00
Jaws (Anniversary Collector's Edition)Adventure20 Jul 00
Mission: Impossible (Widescreen Collection)Action07 Jul 00
The Sixth SenseSuspense/Thriller07 Jul 00
June 2000
The X-Files: The Complete First Season (Collector's Edition)Television16 Jun 00
Alien Legacy (20th Anniversary Edition)Science-Fiction04 Jun 00
Lethal Weapon Box SetAction04 Jun 00
April 2000
Out of SightSuspense/Thriller21 Apr 00
ChronosDocumentary01 Apr 00
March 2000
Contact (Special Edition)Drama11 Mar 00
February 2000
The X Files Movie (Special Edition)Suspense/Thriller19 Feb 00
January 2000
Mercury RisingAction20 Jan 00
8MMSuspense/Thriller14 Jan 00
December 1999
Double DVD Tom HanksDrama17 Dec 99
DVD Highlights 2001Special Interest01 Dec 99
The Thirteenth FloorScience-Fiction01 Dec 99
WaterworldScience-Fiction01 Dec 99
Wild Wild WestAction01 Dec 99
          929 items