Deluxe Collector's Pack
Production year: 2002
Director: Sam Raimi
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 9-317731-012495
Running time: 1:56 (116 Min.)
Casetype: Digipak
Format: PAL, Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: October 31, 2002
Collection type: Owned (#209)
Status: Available
Purchase date: June 01, 2003
Purchase price: Hidden
SRP: $72,99 AUD
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Spider-Man centers on student Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) who, after being bitten by a genetically-altered spider, gains superhuman strength and the spider-like ability to cling to any surface. He vows to use his abilities to fight crime, coming to understand the words of his beloved Uncle Ben: "With great power comes great responsibility."

The movie took you for the ultimate spin...now you can take home the ultimate SPIDER-MAN collectible! Featuring the blockbuster motion picture on a 2-disc DVD with loads of special features, the documentary STAN LEE'S MUTANTS, MONSTERS AND MARVELS (an in-depth look at the work of the original SPIDER-MAN creator Stan Lee) plus the chart-busting SPIDER-MAN movie soundtrack album, this Limited Edition DELUXE COLLECTOR'S PACK is....AMAZING!
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Region: 4
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1Main Feature
2Bonus Materials
3Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters & Marvels
4Soundtrack CD
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Easter Eggs
Easter Egg

7 Easter Eggs

Access The Egg

EASTER EGG #1 (Comic Book Movie Stills): On the first disc, go to 'Special Features' then 'Character Files'. There will be movie credits for Tobey, Kirsten, Willem, J.K - Jonah H, Rosemary - Aunt May, and Cliff - Uncle Ben. Click on one of the pictures to see their film credits. From there you have the option of going back to the list of those 6 actors, going forward to see more credits or back in case you missed one or something. Each actor has 2 pages with their film credits on it. Half on one page, the rest on the others. The following works for everyone except for Cliff's (Uncle Ben) film credit:

On the second page of any of the remaining 5 actors, you press up on your remote and the actor's name on top gets circled. Click on that and the info on their character comes out. From there you can see occupation, age, height, first appearance. The cool thing is that the images shown next to the info is a comic book picture of a scene from the movie. Such as one of them is M.J kissing Peter at the cemetary, or Goblin smashing into JJ office. There aren't many, and some are so close up they can be from an actual comic.

EASTER EGG #2 (CGI Bloopers & Gag Reel): If you put in the first disc, the one with the film itself (not the Extras disc), and you click on 'Commentaries' then you will see a picture of Harry Osborn (James Franco) on the left-hand side of the screen. If you click on the picture of Harry a new screen appears called something like "CGI Bloopers & Gag Reel".

Start this sucker up and you will first see the CGI clip of Peter Parker running over the rooftops as you see in the film, but this time he's chasing the pills as you would see in a Pac-Man game! Next up, you get to see a clip of Spidey climbing a wall - but this time it's only his hands climbing the wall - nothing else, no body, arms - nada! And finally there's a clip showing the CGI Spider-Man & Green Goblin doing aerobics... we repeat, aerobics! Sorry, that's too funny. The animated clip shows things like the skeleton of the Green Goblin model and more.

EASTER EGG #3 (Todd McFarlane Interview): In the second disk go to the DVD-ROM feature and press the UP arrow and a Spidey icon will appear. Click there and you've got an exclusive interview with Todd McFarlane talking about how Spidey makes his webs. Thats all from here.

EASTER EGG #4 (Rogue's Gallery Full Screen): On disc 2, go to the evolution of spider-man, then choose the rogue's gallery. Go to Electro, at the menu button (spidey logo) press down, you'll highlight a spidey sillhouette. Select it and you'll get the full screen version of the 3D Electro. It works also for Venom and Scorpion.

EASTER EGG #5 (History of the Sinister Six): Insert disc two (the special features disk), go to the comic section of the DVD, choose the "evolution of spider-man" option, then go to "rogues gallery". Once you are there, at the top you will see a picture of Spidey with his spidey sense tingling. Press up until his spidey sense highlights, push play and you will get a page on "the sinister six" with information and 3D photos.

EASTER EGG #6 (John Romita & John Romita Jr. Feature): Insert disc 2, select the "Web of Spider-Man" option, and then "The Evolution of Spider-Man". Once in this menu, select "Artists Gallery" and press the RIGHT button. The words "The Romitas" will appear at the upper right corner of the screen. Select them, and check out a nice video feature on the Romitas (John Romita Sr. and John Romita Jr.).

EASTER EGG #7 (Comic Book Movie Covers): On the second disc select the "Comic Book Artist Gallery" from the "Artist Gallery" section. As you browse the gallery, look for the one done by Terry Dodson (it's a black and white drawing). Highlight the camera that is used for navigating and press up. You'll see Terry Dodson's signature on the spider-man drawing. Press there and you'll be taken to another gallery that contains famous spider-man comic book covers, except that they are re-drawn with the spider-man movie costumes and faces.

Quick Navigation -- Go to the Special Features section on the first disc. Go to the Main Menu or Play Movie options on the bottom left of the screen and press left on your remote. The area around the spider in the blue will be highlighted. Press enter and and go to a screen that shows all the things you can access from the other menu's.

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Sam Raimi....Director
Stan Lee....Original Material By
Steve Ditko....Original Material By
David Koepp....Screenwriter
Ian Bryce....Producer
Laura Ziskin....Producer
Avi Arad....Executive Producer
Stan Lee....Executive Producer
Don Burgess....Cinematographer
Film Editing
Arthur Coburn....Film Editor
Bob Murawski....Film Editor
Danny Elfman....Composer
Alien Ant Farm....Song Writer
Chad Kroeger....Song Writer
Jeremy James Hora....Song Writer
Randy Fitzsimmons....Song Writer
Corey Taylor....Song Writer
Pete Yorn....Song Writer
Jerry Cantrell....Song Writer
Macy Gray....Song Writer
Lonnie Marshall....Song Writer
Robert J. Harris....Song Writer
Paul Francis Webster....Song Writer
Dean Beville....Sound Editor
Larry Scharf....Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Avram D. Gold....Sound Editor
Neil Spisak....Production Designer
Steve Arnold....Art Director
Tony Fanning....Art Director
Scott P. Murphy....Art Director
Stella Vaccaro....Art Director
Tobey Maguire....Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Willem Dafoe....Norman Osborn / The Green Goblin
Kirsten Dunst....Mary Jane Watson
James Franco....Harold 'Harry' Osborn
Cliff Robertson....Uncle Ben Parker
Rosemary Harris....Aunt May Reilly-Parker
J.K. Simmons....J. Jonah Jameson
Gerry Becker....Maximillian Fargas
Bill Nunn....Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson
Stanley Anderson....General Slocum
Ron Perkins....Dr. Mendel Stromm
Jack Betts....Henry Balkan
Ted Raimi....Ted Hoffman
Randy Poffo....Bonesaw McGraw
Joe Manganiello....Eugene 'Flash' Thompson
K.K. Dodds....Simkins
Bruce Campbell....Ring Announcer
Elizabeth Banks....Miss Betty Brant
John Paxton....Houseman
Tim De Zarn....Philip Watson
Taylor Gilbert....Madeline Watson
Larry Joshua....Wrestling Promoter
Timothy Patrick Quill....Wrestling Arena Guard
Lisa Danielle....Bone-ette
Natalie Yeo....Bone-ette
Erica D. Porter....Bone-ette
Kristen Davidson....Bone-ette
Jason Padgett....Flash's Crony
Rosemary Garris....Cop at Carjacking
Shan Omar Huey....High School Teacher
Sally Livingstone....Girl on Bus
Evan Arnold....Doctor
Jill Sayre....Nurse
James Kevin Ward....Project Coordinator
David Holcomb....Test Pilot
Octavia Spencer....Check-In Girl
Johnny Cocktails....Heckler
Shane Habberstad....Little Billy
Deborah Wakeham....Billy's Mom
Rachel Bruce....Times Square Child
Mackenzie Bryce....Times Square Child
Julia Barry....Times Square Child
Macy Gray....Herself
Myk Watford....Cop at Fire
William Calvert....Fireman
Bill Calvert....Fireman
Sylva Kelegian....Mother at Fire
Kristen Marie Holly....Young Lady at Fire
Ajay Mehta....Cabbie
Peter Appel....Cabbie
Scott Spiegel....Marine Cop
Matt Smith....Cop at Carjacking
Sara Ramirez....Cop at Carjacking
Lucy Lawless....Punk Rock Girl
Jayce Bartok....Subway Guitarist
Maribel González....Interviewee
Amy Bouril....Office Lady
Joe D'Onofrio....Opinionated Cop
Jim Norton....Surly Truck Driver
Corey Mendell Parker....Chaperone in Tram
Ashley Edner....Girl in Tram
William Joseph Firth....Boy in Tram
Alex Black....Boy in Tram
Laura Gray....Tram Group Mother
Joe Virzi....New Yorker on Bridge
Michael Edward Thomas....New Yorker on Bridge
Jeanie Fox....New Yorker on Bridge
Robert Kerman....Boat Captain
Ari Averbach....Dancer (uncredited)
Joni Avery....Cop (uncredited)
Rick Avery....Cop (uncredited)
Amy Beth Bennett....Cat Burglar (uncredited)
Brian Bennett....Door Man (uncredited)
Jophery C. Brown....Chef (uncredited)
Samantha Brown....47th Street Burglar (uncredited)
Jacob Chambers....Cop (uncredited)
Jillian Clare....Crying Girl in Tram (uncredited)
Chris Coppola....Kyle (uncredited)
Chandra De Alessandro....Cop (uncredited)
Mark De Alessandro....Cop (uncredited)
Richard C. Everbeck....Edward 'Eddie' Brock (uncredited)
Al Goto....Cop (uncredited)
Randy Hall....Cop (uncredited)
Rance Howard....Man in Street (uncredited)
Kevin Jackson....Bell Man (uncredited)
Loren Janes....Board of Directors Member
Kolby Kirk....Festival Guest (uncredited)
Erik Kleven....Chef (uncredited)
Stan Lee....Time Square Man (uncredited)
Brendan Morante....Man in Street (uncredited)
Justin Neill....Flash's Crony (uncredited)
Debra Orenstein....Doctor (uncredited)
Gary Otto....New Yorker (uncredited)
Michael Papajohn....The Burglar (uncredited)
Sumner Redstone....Oscorp Board Member (uncredited)
Scott L. Schwartz....Screaming Wrestler (uncredited)
Robair Sims....Bell Man (uncredited)
Lindsay Neel Thompson....M.J.'s Friend (uncredited)